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About Us

About Us

Posted by Jay Moye on 29th Aug 2022

In 2014, after spending several a few years purchasing and “flipping” J.Crew clothing on eBay as a stay-at-home mom of three young sons, Lexi DiYeso decided to take the Hazel Twenty show on the road. She bought a retired FedEx truck and spent two months converting it into a chic- boutique-on-wheels, stocked with a carefully curated inventory ranging from tank tops to premium denim, plus jewelry, bags, scarves and other on-trend accessories. The mint green Hazel Twenty truck made the rounds to Asheville’s breweries, festivals and private events.

Four years later, with the mobile boutique’s business abuzz, DiYeso took concrete steps to manifest her lifelong dream of operating her own storefront.

Hazel Twenty—named for DiYeso’s beloved Great Dane and soccer jersey number she wore for the University of South Carolina, where she majored in retail and fashion merchandising opened its doors in December 2018 in a historic building on bustling Patton Avenue surrounded by restaurants, shops and hotels.

Six months after opening, DiYeso “hired” her most valuable employee and marketing asset—a female French Bulldog named Maisie. The pint-sized pup greets guests as they walk through the door, posing for selfies and accepting belly rubs. A kids boutique bearing her name offers clothing and accessories for babies through tweens on the upstairs floor of the Hazel Twenty space.

During the pandemic, DiYeso opened Lex Twenty Menswear on the bottom level of the store (facing, as the name references, Lexington Avenue). The mancave-esque space is filled with clothing, shoes, boots, hats and accessories tailored to the modern male. A vintage kegerator with local beers on tap keeps the shopping experience loose and fun.